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As with the films it celebrates, the design of this exhibit invites one to find beauty and

humor in horror. Throughout the treatment are manifestations of the duality of human

nature, a theme fundamental to horror film.


The core of the show is The Thicket, an alluring space that works on multiple levels to

make a circuit of film-viewing stations immersive. Evocative of darkening woods, the

setting is composed of perforated panels that cast shadows and afford views from

one part of the space to another. While not appearing so, this environment is made

entirely of acoustic materials that control sound between stations, and thereby allows

visitors to lose themselves in the experience.


Eerily lighted artifact cases have the feel of scientific apparatus specially designed to

secure and contain a collection of "evil" artifacts. At the same time, the proportions,

light levels, access, mounting system, and other practical details of the casework

were designed to ensure they met rigorous requirements.


Oversized sculptures evocative of hobbyist monster model kits draw attention to

directors of horror film, and classic horror tropes.


C L I E N T   :   Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

T Y P E   :   4,000 sq. ft. experiential space

R O L E S   :   Exhibition design, including concepts and  designs for implementation,

thematic design and organization of space and flow, designs for scenic partitions with

sound abatement qualities, and original designs for sculptures, Screamwell, and casework.


Partners in development of the work included the Exhibits group at MoPOP,

and Belle & Wissell Co. (multi-media interactives) and Turner Exhibits (fabrication).

Photography by Lara Swimmer.